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NISH Story

Aanii, Pam Naponse-Corbiere diishnikaaz, Atikameksheng Anishnawbek doonjibaa.  My name is Pam and Im a proud mother, wife, auntie and entrepreneur.  I am the proud owner/operator of NISH brand. NISH Scon, NISH Crisp and NISH seasonings.  

NISH started out as NISH Scon, and as we grew the NISH brand name the Crisp and seasonings are now part of our great products. 

I come from Atikameksheng and proud mom of two beautiful daughers, Summer and Cierra, and proud wife/spouse to Chris Corbiere for 28 yrs.  I think I have always been some sort of entrepreneur with creating and catering, and always trying to expand my horizons.  I have always worked in the Health, Social Services and governance for our First Nation communities., and going to give this business a good home to thrive.  

NISH brand is just expanded as of July, 2022 and hope to bring NISH products to your cupboards and your favourite recipes.  

Look for NISH brands in the grocery stores, and First Nation communities.  Please visit our shop to purchase our NISH products., 

We have prices for wholesale and retail purchases.  

Preparation tip..... always cook with love and you will always enjoy a delicious meal.  

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